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Dental Crowns and Bridges

When teeth are heavily decayed they may be too weak to survive with just a filling. By placing a crown, a tooth may be given a new lease of life. Even when a single tooth is lost a denture may not be required as a bridge can be made which spans the gap with a tooth attached to those next to the space. For people who have damaged or missing teeth, crowns and bridges are a good option to regain their beautiful smile. A crown can cover a cracked or broken tooth to prevent further damage, while a bridge fills in the space left by one or more missing teeth.

Crowns strengthen damaged teeth by putting a cap over them, and they blend in well with neighbouring teeth. This allows the treated tooth or teeth to look natural, which won't stand out and get attention as a tooth that has had treatment. A crown will also prevent plaque and bacteria from further attacking the already damaged natural tooth. This will prevent more complicated issues such as decay, which can lead to gum disease and further complications that can even contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

Bridges, as the name implies, are a series of crowns that are connected together in order to bridge a gap where there is a missing tooth. In the case where there is one missing tooth, the surrounding teeth on either side will be used to anchor the bridge, so that the gap in the middle is filled. In essence, those two teeth will also be capped and the bridge will be formed. As with crowns, this bridge will provide strength and stability, which will allow the patient to chew and speak normally, and also give them a smile to be proud of, free of gaps.

Preston Cosmetic Dentist; Dr. Kaviani offers a variety of dental crowns so that you have the perfect fit, every time. Her cosmetic dentistry options give you the ability to find the type of dental crown that will work best for you. Dr. Kaviani and her cosmetic dental team will consults with you to find the best fit, and most comfortable dental options. Some of these dental crowns include:

  • Traditional Dental Crowns - these crowns protect the tooth and provide beautiful aesthetics to a damaged tooth. Traditional crowns can be made from different dental materials, and Dr. Kaviani works to make these crowns look as perfect as possible.
  • Porcelain Crowns - porcelain serves as an excellent dental material that can be moulded into beautiful crowns that look natural. Dr. Kaviani crafts crowns that blend with your natural teeth, so you can smile with confidence.
  • Ceramic Crowns - these crowns are known as one of the most aesthetically pleasing crowns available. They look completely natural, and allow for light to pass through the material, similar to a natural tooth. Dr. Kaviani can explain all of the positives associated with this type of crown when you come for your consultation.
  • Porcelain Fused to Precious Metal Crowns - this type of crown can be matched to the colour of your other teeth. These crowns are a good option for front or back teeth. Dr. Kaviani will help you decide if these crowns are a good option for you.

If you are in search of a better type of dental crown, do not hesitate to contact your experienced cosmetic dentist; Dr. Kaviani. She will answer all of your questions about our tooth crowns and bridges, and find what option might be best for you. Call her today on 01772 - 726932 to arrange for your complimentary cosmetic consultation.

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