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Implant Retained Dentures - Denture Implants

Say goodbye to denture adhesives, sore spots and embarrassing moments with implant retained dentures that have a bite comparable to natural teeth. Implant dentures are securely fixed dentures which are made of high impact acrylic and supported by dental implants. The denture implants have an attachment which locates with compatible attachments fixed into the denture. As few as two implants are needed in the lower jaw and usually four are required in the upper jaw, making the system the most economical option for patients with no natural teeth remaining.

There are several different two types of implant-supported dentures, but the most common one are: bar-retained and ball-retained. In both cases, the denture will be made of an acrylic base that will look like gums. Acrylic teeth that look like natural teeth are attached to the base.

Bar-retained dentures - a thin gold bar that follows the curve of your jaw is attached to two to five implants that have been placed in your jawbone. Clips or other types of attachments are fitted in place. The denture fits over the bar and is securely clipped into place by the attachments.

Ball-retained dentures (stud-attachment dentures) - each implant in the jawbone holds a metal attachment that fits into another attachment on the denture. In most cases, the attachments on the implants are ball-shaped, and they fit into sockets on the denture.

The implants usually are placed in the jawbone at the front of your mouth because there tends to be more bone in the front of the jaw than in the back. This usually is true even if teeth have been missing for some time. Once you lose teeth, you begin to lose bone in the area. Also, the front jaw doesn't have many nerves or other structures that could interfere with the placement of implants.

The time frame to complete the implant depends on many factors. The shortest time frame is about three months in the lower jaw and five months in the upper jaw. This includes surgeries and the placement of the denture.

Your implant-supported denture will be more stable than a regular denture. You will find it easier to speak and you won't have to worry about the denture becoming loose or falling out of your mouth. You generally will be able to eat foods you could not eat before. However, the best choice is different for every individual, and we strive to provide the perfect option for you. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. When you have chosen the option that is best for you, we will amaze you with the quality and efficiency of the process.

Any extractions or other procedures required will be performed with precision, skill and the upmost focus on safety. Your new teeth will be designed so they are aesthetically pleasing and made of the most beautiful, durable dental materials available. We offer many different options, but none are second in quality.

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