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Dental Age Eraser

Age-Proof Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

 Happy, smiley people look years younger than their tight lipped friends. But if your dental care leaves a lot to be desired your smile could be giving your age away. “By the time you hit 45 Your teeth start to chip and wear.

They also get darker and your gums start to recede a bit. But it’s not all bad news. Some professional attention could help to give you back a healthy, sparkling smile. We can’t stop ageing – It is a factor of life but that doesn’t mean we are obliged to stand by and passively accept the physical signs of ageing that normally accompany growing older? We can always make the best of what we already have. Looking after your skin and general appearance is one step. But what about your teeth? Can your teeth reveal the sign of ageing?


Don’t let your teeth reveal your age!

Unfortunately our teeth deteriorate over the years, gradually taking on more and more imperfections that betray our age – or make us look even older than we really are. In our society, where one in five people will soon be over 60, everybody wants to stay as young-looking as possible. So how can a 50-year old stay young-looking? Well, maybe she has fortunate genes, looks after her skin regularly. To look at her, you wouldn’t be able to guess her true age – until She starts smiling. Then her mouth gives the game away. How? Because of the colour or the state of her teeth.


Signs Of Ageing !

Teeth colour can vary significantly from person to person. Some people will have lighter teeth, others may have darker teeth, and there is no one set shade that everyone’s teeth must be. However as we get older our teeth begin to change colour - for several reasons. Here are a few reasons why teeth can stain and discolour;

- Age – as we get older our teeth naturally become darker.

- Chromogenic Agents – things such as coffee, tea, smoking and red wine can cause the teeth to go a yellow pasty shade. In severe cases teeth can even go orange or brown,    this depends on how much the person has exposed their teeth to these agents.

- Medication- teeth staining can be a result of certain medications, such as antibiotics

Tooth shape ; Extensive wear on your front teeth can change this to a straight or even concave line (reversed curve). Tooth grinding, prompted by stress, accelerates this dental erosion. Chipped tooth edges are another sign, creating an unbalanced and disharmonious look.

Tooth surface; The fine ridges on young teeth get smoothed away as we get older. While in early adulthood such smoothing can produce attractive teeth that reflect light more uniformly, too much smoothing will show your age.

Filled front teeth; White restorations in front teeth need to be regularly replaced or they change colour and start to become noticeable. They may even show dark lines between the edge of the filling and the natural tooth.


Tooth crack lines; Over time, micro-fractures can appear on the enamel surface. While perhaps superficial, they can show up as little crack lines, which will demote the charisma of teeth.


Smile colourAs white colour reflects light and dark absorbs it. A mouth with metal restorations (amalgam fillings) in many of your teeth will present an overall dull grey colour that absorbs light and therefore looks dark. I.e. another sign of ageing.

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If you are interested in transforming your smile, call now for a Complimentary Consultation. Dr. Kaviani will personally sit down with you, evaluate your teeth and smile and show you what can be done to accomplish the look you want.  


About The Practice

We share your goals – to have your mouth as healthy, pain free and easy to maintain as possible, in an affordable and non-invasive manner . The beautiful and healthy smiles we consistently create – exhibited throughout this site – speak for themselves. That’s bottom line proof that our caring, experience, effort and expertise make a difference. Every patient is unique and treated accordingly.

Holistic Dentistry

For more than 10 years, Dr. Kaviani has provided comprehensive Holistic dentistry to residents of Preston. With overall health in mind, Dr. Kaviani and her award-winning dental team focus on patients’ total well-being  not just isolated problems. They believe that the entire human body operates dependently in all of its functions. Oral health problems can create a domino effect and impede the body’s ability to function harmoniously.

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