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Mercury Fillings

It’s no big secret that mercury is highly poisonous, and that exposure to mercury should be avoided at all costs. Why, then, do some dentists still keep putting mercury fillings in their patient’s teeth?

Mercury fillings – sometimes called “silver fillings,” or “amalgam fillings” – are incredibly toxic. These silver fillings continuously emit mercury vapour, which is absorbed into the body in small amounts. But those small amounts can actually add up when you have fillings in your mouth leaking mercury vapour into your body every day for the entire life of that restoration!

These small but continuously released amounts of what is a potent nerve toxin are also absorbed by the lungs and the linings of the digestive system into the bloodstream, leading to severe harm.

The question now, is what effect this potent nerve toxin has over twenty, forty or even sixty years.  This is a similar question to what effect does exhaust fumes in the environment have on us.  It is impossible to say.  It probably varies from person to person and depends on the person’s individual susceptibility to these small amounts mercury. Nevertheless Mercury exposure, both in one large dose and through low level exposure over time, is linked through scientific data to kidney, brain, urological, fertility, neurological, and renal problems.

Amalgam-Free Dentistry in Lancashire

Your health is a personal asset you cannot afford to compromise. We will never take unnecessary risks that may negatively impact your health and quality of life. One way we hold true to this commitment is by avoiding the use of dental amalgam in fillings. As our patient, you’ll receive only amalgam-free, mercury-free restorations. And that’s a promise.

While there’s no sure way to know if your amalgam fillings are harming your health, Dr. Kaviani believes you shouldn’t have to take that chance. She uses a safe technique to remove amalgam fillings without posing a health risk to her patients. Then, with non-metal, non-amalgam composite resins, she can refill the cavity and restore natural beauty, health, and stability to the tooth.

Composite resin is an aesthetic plastic material that she individually tints to blend with a tooth’s natural colour. Composite fillings look aesthetically pleasing and bond with tooth structure for a solid, safe restoration. Dr. Kaviani uses the safest composites available today. In some cases, a porcelain crown is preferred to a composite filling. Dental crowns provide more durability for teeth with significant decay or missing structure. Even if a crown is indicated, Dr. Kaviani can fabricate a full ceramic, metal-free crown.


Should I have my mercury filling replaced?

No one can promise that by replacing your amalgam fillings you will experience any specific health benefit, however, many of our patients report they have experienced significant, positive health changes after safe and effective mercury filling replacement.  Replacing your mercury fillings with modern bio-compatible materials will reduce your body’s burden of a known toxic material and help prevent the eventual tooth related damages (fractures, cracks, leakage, hypersensivity) caused by amalgam silver fillings.

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About The Practice

We share your goals – to have your mouth as healthy, pain free and easy to maintain as possible, in an affordable and non-invasive manner . The beautiful and healthy smiles we consistently create – exhibited throughout this site – speak for themselves. That’s bottom line proof that our caring, experience, effort and expertise make a difference. Every patient is unique and treated accordingly.

Holistic Dentistry

For more than 10 years, Dr. Kaviani has provided comprehensive Holistic dentistry to residents of Preston. With overall health in mind, Dr. Kaviani and her award-winning dental team focus on patients’ total well-being  not just isolated problems. They believe that the entire human body operates dependently in all of its functions. Oral health problems can create a domino effect and impede the body’s ability to function harmoniously.

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