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Nervous Patients

Feeling anxious about going to the dentist is very common. We encourage you to speak to us about your anxiety and learn about some options available to help you.

Here at Lane Ends Dental Practice, a little TLC goes a long way. Our entire dental team is specially trained in caring for nervous patients. We are here to listen to your concerns and answer all your questions.

Dr. Kaviani has built her reputation as an outstanding dentist on her ability to put nervous patients at their ease. She understands that visits to the dentist can be nerve wracking and has many ways of helping you gradually build your confidence. You are welcome to book a time to come in, free of charge, and meet us informally before you have a check-up if you wish. The whole dental care team is sympathetic to your anxiety, and we will listen carefully to your concerns and take everything entirely at your pace so that you can eventually look forward to your visits.

On your first appointment you will be met and treated in a friendly, calm and warm manner. You will never be judged or made feel ashamed or embarrassed of any phobias you may have. We can meet for an initial consultation to get to know one another. In subsequent appointments we will take one step at a time together at your pace. Cosmetic dentist; Dr. Kaviani is specially trained in the most advanced techniques available and has invested in specialist equipment designed to eliminate any pain during treatment.

What Can I Do About My Dental Fear?

The first thing you can do is recognize that your dental fear can be overcome. Fear is a learned behaviour and can be unlearned. Behaviour modification techniques that focus on treating you as a whole person, not merely someone requiring dental treatment, can help you overcome your worries. This obviously involves you, your dentist and the entire dental team approach.

Communication is the fundamental factor. You must feel comfortable expressing your fears and concerns and believe that you are being listened to. Modern dentistry with a compassionate dental team can be truly painless. You can pacify yourself to your fears if you take the first step and allow the right dental team to help you overcome your fears.

You are in Control!

Empower yourself with the knowledge to eliminate the fear of the unknown. As a patient you have the right to a clear explanation of any procedures your dentist proposes. If you have a question about a particular procedure, don’t hesitate to ask it.

You should also have input into treatment decisions and choices. You should be honest with your dentist regarding how much treatment you think you can tolerate at first. As you build confidence in yourself and trust in the team that is caring for you, the length of your appointment and the amount of work accomplished can increase.

A signalling system should be recognized between you and the dental team, allowing you to stop the treatment for any reason — whether it be because you need more anaesthetic, want to rinse out or simply need a two-second break. The most common signal is raising your hand.    

Never be humiliated

If you have been criticized in the past for your behaviour or if you are embarrassed by the state of your teeth, express yourself honestly and give your dentist a chance to understand your concerns and show you that she cares.

So if you have a fear that is stopping you taking that first step why not take a positive action and make contact with someone who can help to feed the positive voice that tells you that you can beat your dental fear. If we can help in any way just let us know….

Cosmetic Consultation

If you are interested in transforming your smile, call now for a Complimentary Consultation. Dr. Kaviani will personally sit down with you, evaluate your teeth and smile and show you what can be done to accomplish the look you want.  


About The Practice

We share your goals – to have your mouth as healthy, pain free and easy to maintain as possible, in an affordable and non-invasive manner . The beautiful and healthy smiles we consistently create – exhibited throughout this site – speak for themselves. That’s bottom line proof that our caring, experience, effort and expertise make a difference. Every patient is unique and treated accordingly.

Holistic Dentistry

For more than 10 years, Dr. Kaviani has provided comprehensive Holistic dentistry to residents of Preston. With overall health in mind, Dr. Kaviani and her award-winning dental team focus on patients’ total well-being  not just isolated problems. They believe that the entire human body operates dependently in all of its functions. Oral health problems can create a domino effect and impede the body’s ability to function harmoniously.

Dental Associations

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