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New Patients

We are proud that the majority of our new patient referrals are recommendations from satisfied existing patients .If you would like to visit us to discuss your dental needs, please phone our patient care coordinator; Yvonne, who will select a suitable time for you to visit.

A new patient appointment is your first opportunity to get to know your cosmetic dentist ; Dr. Kaviani. She will discuss all aspects of your dental health with you, including past experiences and current concerns.

The examination will include a medical history review; charting of existing baseline conditions in the mouth; a review of the teeth to check for any problems, an assessment of the tongue, cheeks and other soft tissue; periodontal evaluation (to appraise the health of the gums and bone beneath them) and a review of any radiographs that are taken.


Finance Options

Cosmetic Dentistry is an excellent investment in an individual’s physical and psychological well being. Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtain this important health service. We are proud that our fees reflect the time that our Cosmetic Dentist in Preston ; Dr. Kaviani spends with each patient as well as the overall quality of care and service that we provide in our practice. However, we know that people have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations. For this reason we have made a commitment to all of our patients to assist them in optimally managing their expenses.

Management of dental expenses allows our patients to comfortably fit the costs of treatment into their monthly budgets while receiving proper and timely care. We have created several methods of making fine dentistry affordable for the person of average financial means. We have found ways to extend our services to anyone who makes the wise decision that investing in a beautiful smile and optimal dental health is a priority.


Convenient Dental Care

We want all our friends and neighbours in Preston, Lancashire area to have access to high-quality dental health. Evening and Saturday appointments mean you can tend to your dental needs without missing work. We understand your time is valuable and we will make every effort to remain on schedule.


The Personal Touch That Makes You Smile.

Our goal here at Lane Ends Dental studio is to set the standard for 21st-century dental care by placing an extra emphasis on high-tech, high-quality dentistry and total patient comfort. Once you experience our comfortable amenities and uncompromising care from our Cosmetic and Implant Dentist; Dr. Kaviani, you’ll never want to visit an ordinary dental office again.

None of the advances we provide would make a bit of difference to us if they weren’t helping our patients live healthier lives full of happy smiles. At Lane Ends Aesthetic and Implant Centre, we do our best to make sure you use those smiles right here in our office. You’ll love the friendly team who’s here to serve you, and we invite you to become a part of our family today.

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Cosmetic Consultation

If you are interested in transforming your smile, call now for a Complimentary Consultation. Dr. Kaviani will personally sit down with you, evaluate your teeth and smile and show you what can be done to accomplish the look you want.  


About The Practice

We share your goals – to have your mouth as healthy, pain free and easy to maintain as possible, in an affordable and non-invasive manner . The beautiful and healthy smiles we consistently create – exhibited throughout this site – speak for themselves. That’s bottom line proof that our caring, experience, effort and expertise make a difference. Every patient is unique and treated accordingly.

Holistic Dentistry

For more than 10 years, Dr. Kaviani has provided comprehensive Holistic dentistry to residents of Preston. With overall health in mind, Dr. Kaviani and her award-winning dental team focus on patients’ total well-being  not just isolated problems. They believe that the entire human body operates dependently in all of its functions. Oral health problems can create a domino effect and impede the body’s ability to function harmoniously.

Dental Associations

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