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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers; Your Best Choice?

Why put anything less than the best, most natural-looking materials in your mouth? at Lane Ends Dental Practice; Your cosmetic dentist in Preston believes in offering only high quality restorations. instead of giving you less expensive options that compromise the quality. Dr. kaviani utilizes several different materials for each customised cosmetic case.

  • feldspathic porcelain veneers
  • Pressed ceramic dental veneers

Porcelain and other ceramic materials are not new to dentistry; they have been used over 80 years to give teeth strength and natural beauty. These metallic oxide combinations are bio compatible and utterly safe.

Feldspathic Porcelain Veneers

Feldspathic Porcelain veneers are made using a quartz type of porcelain on a platinum foil or refractory die. A wet brush is used along with porcelain powder. Our master ceramicist then paints layers onto a model. It is then baked it in a porcelain oven. The porcelain layers are thin and will shrink when heated. For this reason, the process is done repeatedly until the contour is just right. The ceramicist will place different colours during each state to get the look that best fits you.

Your cosmetic dentist in Preston ; Dr. Kaviani uses feldspathic porcelain veneers, consisting of mostly glass material with an amorphous (non-crystalline) structure. The qualities of porcelain enable her to completely tailor your veneers through simulation of the colour, translucency and fluorescence of natural teeth.

Making a natural looking tooth is more complex than you might think. Our master ceramist must integrate and blend several shades and colours of porcelain into a unified tooth. Different nuances can be mapped out to guide the ceramist. The end result is lifelike and beautiful. When bonded to teeth properly, feldspathic dental veneers form a bond that that is extremely strong.

Ceramic Dental Veneers

Dental veneers of pressed ceramic are made by waxing a tooth to a desired shape, and then melting out the wax. It is then injected with Lucite-based molten porcelain and put under constant hydraulic pressure. Your cosmetic dentist in Preston can create more natural colouration by cutting back the ingot and painting coloured porcelains on different areas of the tooth. This procedure reverses the gradual build-up method that is often associated with the feldspathic veneers fabrication.

Because pressed ceramic is so strong, it supports a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments. It is stronger than feldspathic veneers because the material is denser, making restorations more durable and resistant to fracture.

Some studies have proven that feldspathic dental veneers are more likely to cause wear and damage to the underlying teeth, whereas pressed ceramic porcelain is similar to the abrasiveness of natural tooth enamel. And pressed ceramic dental veneers are a better fit than feldspathic veneers because the latter tends to shrink and warp during production, as the ceramist adds layers and fires the feldspathic porcelain veneer in an oven. In contrast, pressed ceramic veneers are waxed and cast from the start, making it easier to obtain a perfect fit.

Premium Thin Shell Hand Crafted Porcelain Veneers

Your cosmetic dentist in Preston; Dr. kaviani believes that feldspathic porcelain (because of the thinness of the feldspathic material) allows the ceramist to make porcelain veneers that are more natural looking than the best pressed dental veneers.

Feldspathic dental veneers can be fabricated as thin as 0.4 mm, and the translucency of these porcelain veneers can reflect the underlying natural tooth colour  In contrast, when using pressed ceramics, it is very difficult to take advantage of the natural appearance of an existing tooth. Therefore, feldspathic porcelain veneers may be the way to go when natural beauty is the primary goal. However, Dr. Kaviani prefers ceramic dental veneers, as they have a greater longevity, and in some cases, do not require any changes to the existing tooth structure.

Presenting Good Looks Naturally ; Your Dedicated Cosmetic Dentist In Preston

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